How To Determine Pure CBD Oil Dosage?

Pure CBD Oil Dosage
Pure CBD Oil Dosage
Pure CBD Oil Dosage
Pure CBD Oil Dosage

In order to experience the maximum benefit of using CBD infused products it is important to administer the optimum dose. This varies according to the method of consumption or the type of product used. As a result of its popularity arising out of its therapeutic and medical benefits, manufacturers are releasing a lot of cannabidiol infused items and there is a lot of confusion among consumers regarding its dosage. The purpose of this article is to give a general outline regarding pure CBD oil dosage.

The Important Factors To Consider For CBD Dosage

The questions that you should ask before purchasing any CBD products are

  • What type of product do I need?
  • How often and for how long am I going to consume it?
  • Is there any side effect if I consume too much?
  • What is the ideal dosage suitable for my medical or health condition?

Dosage For Different Types Of CBD Products

The dosage depends on the CBD content of the product and it can vary between manufacturers. For example, pure CBD oil of a fixed volume from different manufacturers will have varying cannabidiol concentrations. Also, the same type of product but made using different types of extraction will have differences in cannabidiol concentration; gummies made using CBD isolate have higher concentration than one made using full-spectrum extract.

Method Of Consumption

The way you consume cannabidiol CBD will have an impact on the dosage and this is because of the difference in bioavailability i.e. the amount of cannabidiol absorbed into the bloodstream. For example, vaping CBD followed by sublingual consumption requires lower dose because their bioavailability is higher. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through lungs in the first case and through tiny blood vessels under the tongue in the second case. Whereas, when you consume edibles, capsules or pure CBD oil orally, bioavailability is low as it has to undergo first pass metabolism in the gut. This reduces the concentration, reducing its bioavailability and hence requires a higher dosage.

CBD Oil Cancer Dosage

CBD oil for cancer is usually consumed to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy, and you should know that cannabidiol has the effect of reducing liver’s metabolic capacity. So, the dosage of CBD oil is determined according to your cancer treatment plan.

CBD Oil Dosage For Anxiety

The recommended dosage of CBD oil for anxiety is 40 to 80 mg per day and this depends on physiological factors like body weight and metabolism.

Before consuming pure CBD oil for any ailment you must consult with the physician to ensure that it will not interact with the medicine that you are already taking.