How Can CBD Be Useful For Improving Athletic Performance?

CBD Uses
CBD Uses
CBD Uses
CBD Uses

Many top-performing athletes are looking for natural substances that can enhance their performance and also conform to anti-doping laws. Most of them follow special diets coupled with training that improves their metabolism and recovery rate. The cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the hemp plant fits this requirement. For instance, athletes who use it claim benefits like better sleep, faster recovery from injuries, and reduced muscle pain. You must also know that the World Anti-Doping Agency permits the use of CBD isolate, which is 99% pure cannabidiol. The purpose of this article is to investigate whether CBD can help with improving athletic performance.

What Does Studies Say About CBD Uses?

Listed below are how CBD can be useful for athletes:

  • Reduced Pain And Inflammation: Studies in non-athlete populations have shown that cannabidiol (CBD) can be useful for reducing pain and inflammation due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Also, one of the key findings is that it could be used for alleviating neuropathic pain due to nerve damage and inflammatory pain due to tissue damage.
  • Protection Against Gastrointestinal Damage: Remember, athletes who are engaged in regular strenuous activity can suffer from reduced nutrient and oxygen delivery to their gastrointestinal tract. This causes GI stress, which adversely affects athletic performance and recovery.
  • Manage Performance Anxiety: According to a review, CBD may help athletes to manage sports performance anxiety, and this is attributed to its potential anxiolytic effect. It is believed that anxiety can be due to a combination of increased energy expenditure, sleep loss, and impaired nutritional intake.
  • Bone Health: Many professional athletes suffer bone health issues either during their career or later in life. Research has found that potential CBD uses for athletes may include healthy deposition of bones.
  • Sleep-Wake Cycle: A 2020 study on the therapeutic effects of CBD has pointed at the sleep-altering potential of this cannabinoid. According to this study, cannabidiol can induce sleep and promote wakefulness. It is believed that this dual effect of CBD depends on the dose that you administer, and this phenomenon is known as the biphasic effect.

Lower doses of CBD promote wakefulness and higher doses produce a sedative effect. So, consuming it before bedtime promotes a good night’s sleep while consuming it during waking hours helps you to stay awake. That said, more research is required to better understand this effect of cannabidiol (CBD).

  • Neuroprotective Effect: According to a 2020 study, the neuroprotective effect of CBD may be useful for counteracting the harm that can occur due to sports-related concussions.

These are some of the potential CBD uses for athletes according to scientific studies, and we hope that the details shared above were useful for you.