Guide To Curing Your Hemp Harvest

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The curing of hemp flower buds is an important step in CBD production. The errors in the process affect the overall potency and quality of the hemp products.

Read on to know the details of curing hemp and why it is important.

Why Is Curing Important?

Curing is important to get rid of the harsh taste of hemp buds so that they produce smooth smoke. The drying process degrades the byproducts like sugar and brings out the subtle flavors of various terpenes in hemp.

During biosynthesis, cannabis plants produce THCA in addition to other cannabinoids. When cannabis is dried at a temperature of 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level maintained between 45-55 percent, biosynthesis continues. THCA slowly converts to THC. With further aging, THC will degrade to CBN.

Curing is also important to get rid of the bacteria in the buds and reduce the chances of mold development.

How To Dry Hemp?

Before hemp buds are cured, they have to be dried. Some cultivators cut the branches of the hemp plant and hang them from a wire. Some prefer hanging the plant as a whole. We would recommend the first method because drying will not be uniform if the plant is hung as a whole and left to dry.

The buds should be kept in the drying room with 45 to 55 percent humidity and 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. To ensure adequate airflow, the room should be equipped with fans blowing all the time. It may take between 5-15 days for the drying process to finish.

How To Cure Hemp Flowers?

When the hemp floral buds are dried, they have to be cured. Humidity should be correctly monitored before you start the curing process. The buds should not be too dry or too wet before the curing process.

Here are the steps in curing hemp buds:

  1. Prepare the flowers.

The steps in the stage will depend on how the buds were dried. If the buds were dried along with their branches, trim them to separate flowers and leaves.

  1. Place the buds in airtight containers.

You may use containers made of plastic, wood, ceramic, or metal in this step.

  1. Place the jars in a dark room.

The temperature of the darkroom should be between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity levels should be between 45 and 55 percent.

  1. Check the buds for mold twice a day.

Keep the jars open for a few minutes to let air exchange.

  1. Continue step 4 once every day for the next two weeks.

When you do this, take adequate measures to keep the humidity at the right levels. After about 3-4 weeks of doing this step, the buds will be ready for consumption.

Keep in mind that drying and curing are very important processes that demand proper care.