Ten Well-Known Public Figures Who Promote Cannabidiol

CBD Celebrity Endorsements
CBD Celebrity EndorsementsCBD
CBD Celebrity Endorsements
CBD Celebrity Endorsements

Several celebrities have not only utilized CBD goods, but they also act as advocates for cannabidiol. Unlike several other forms of promotion, there is evidence that most CBD celebrity endorsements emerge from actual user experiences. In other words, almost all of these are not mere paid promotions. Rather, the things that most of the concerned celebrities say about cannabidiol are firsthand opinions. Read on for a list of celebrities and athletes who used CBD, and to know what they think about it.

Rob Gronkowski

Gronk endorsed cannabidiol after he briefly retired from the National Football League in 2019. The athlete soon came back to playing in the National Football League after a short break. He was busy promoting cannabidiol in the meantime. Back then, the sportsperson said that cannabidiol helped him to deal with the pain he experienced due to chronic injuries suffered when playing in the NFL. Thanks to CBD, Gronk continues to play in the ‘tight end’ position in American football.

Mike Tyson

When it came to punching down opponents in the boxing ring, few could match the ferocity with which Mike Tyson fought. Anyhow, the man has mellowed slightly after the years he spent partying hard. There are some secrets behind this transformation of ‘Iron Mike’, and cannabis and cannabidiol are two of these. Tyson once stated opinions along the lines of cannabidiol’s ability to aid in tackling opiate addiction.

John Legend

It is reported that this signer has been a supporter of the advantages of cannabidiol for a while now. To quote his own words, he is a ‘believer’ of CBD’s benefits. This explains why he put his money and time into a brand that sells many different cannabidiol goods. It is worth noting that these are made from industrial hemp, a variant of Cannabis sativa, and lack mind-altering effects.

Kourtney Kardashian

Keeping any member of the Kardashians family away from the limelight is nigh impossible. Sometimes, they are in the limelight for controversial reasons, but other times, good things bring them to it and keep them there. One of these things is cannabidiol. Kardashian is among the many famous people who entered the cannabis sector after introducing a cannabidiol serum, for use in one’s skincare regime. Her sibling, Kim Kardashian famously hosted a baby shower themed around cannabidiol.

Megan Rapinoe

This soccer player is known for her disputes with President Donald Trump, and for leading her US team to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup win. A lesser-known fact about Rapinoe is that she has been a CBD proponent for some amount of time now. She and her sibling, Rachael Rapinoe, launched a CBD startup in the recent past. Their startup business is billed as one that uses “cannabis as a healthier alternative to manage pain and recovery for elite and everyday athletes.”

Paul Pierce

This former NBA star who played for Boston Celtics switched his focus to cannabidiol, some years after quitting from the game. Pierce claimed that he made the move after a terrifying incident in 2000 caused him to experience post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain for over 10 years. He got stabbed many times at a nightclub situated in Boston. Seeking an alternative solution, he found a cannabidiol brand to aid in guiding others to more treatment options for issues such as trauma, pain or sleep problems.

Montel Williams

This television host was diagnosed with a possibly disabling health condition known as ‘multiple sclerosis’. After that, he chose to rely on cannabis as a way to treat MS symptoms, namely stiffness, pain and others. For a long time, Williams has spoken about the importance of having access to products derived from cannabis. In the recent past, he invested much money in a startup, which provides laboratory-tested CBD goods.

Ricky Williams

The regular utilization of pot continued to hold back this former athlete who played in the National Football League as a ‘running back’. For your information, Williams was infamous for his cannabis smoking habit, which reportedly caused him a loss of about $10 million. Anyhow, the past no longer haunts Williams because he relied on holistic ways to have relaxation and to heal. It is no wonder, then, that Williams launched a cannabis brand in 2018.

Willie Nelson

This singer cum songwriter is another infamous weed smoker in the world, so unsurprisingly he entered the cannabis sector in 2015. When explaining why he entered the business of trading CBD products, Nelson said, “I’ve bought a lot of pot in my life, and now I’m selling it back.” If Bob Marley was alive, he would have been proud of Nelson. His business sells teas, coffee and some topical products that all contain cannabidiol.

Bella Thorne

This young actor credited cannabidiol for helping control her anxiety disorder. Thorne is not just an advocate of CBD goods, but she also handpicks these products for a cannabis brand that she collaborates with. By promoting it, she aids other people in dealing with anxiety. Besides her activities in the CBD sector, Thorne is also known for being the creator of a makeup brand.