Do CBD Topicals Cause Drug Interaction?

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CBD Topicals
CBD Topicals
CBD Topicals

CBD is a cannabis compound that promises various therapeutic benefits and does not pose any dangers of addiction. However, there is a great deal of research revolving around the possibility of CBD causing drug interactions.

What type of CBD products could cause a drug interaction if that is possible? Will CBD topicals cause drug interaction? Read on to find the answers.

What Does Drug Interaction Mean?

Drug interactions can happen when you take more than one medication or supplement at a time. A drug interaction could lessen the effectiveness of a drug, increase the action of a drug or cause side effects that you do not expect.

Three types of drug interactions are:

  • Drug/drug interaction
  • drug/food interaction
  • drug/condition interaction

How Does CBD Influence The p450 Enzyme System?

From what is known from research, CBD may inhibit the p450 enzyme system found inside the liver. The p540 enzyme system metabolizes the compounds that could be toxic. When the enzyme system is inhibited, medications could build up in our system and it could cause some harm. On top of that, certain medications you take will take longer to take effect.

Drugs that are metabolized by the cytochrome p450 system could interact with CBD.

Some of the common drugs that could interact with CBD include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-epileptics
  • Beta-Blockers
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Immune Modulators

Will CBD Topicals Cause Drug Interaction?

CBD topicals are a much sought-after CBD product choice for many reasons. They are designed to offer localized relief. You apply the topical on the affected area and soothe the inflammation or pain. You can use it like you use any other topical.

CBD topicals do not cause a drug interaction as they are not absorbed into the bloodstream. So you can confidently use a CBD salve, cream, or lotion without the fear of a drug interaction.

Although topicals do not cause drug interactions, they might cause allergies in some. It might be the ingredients in the topical formulation that are causing the allergy. We always recommend testing a topical to see if it causes any allergic reaction before you buy it. It is good to check the list of ingredients of a topical to ensure it does not have an ingredient that you are allergic to.

In addition to topicals for pain and inflammation relief, CBD topicals that offer sun protection and moisturization are also available in the market.