The Pros And Cons Of Using CBD oil

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CBD has done more than just turn heads all over the globe. People have started to open their eyes, and see what CBD is truly capable of doing. Although a plant that has been used since 1400 B.C it is only with further medical advancements that medicinal marijuana has evolved to become more potent and helpful for millions alike in their everyday lives. The constant fear of the long term effects of conventional over-the-counter prescription still haunts many who take them on a daily basis. People who have ailments of chronic and constant pain have no other option but to rely on pain killers, which is known to create a host of other problems. CBD oil is the missing link. CBD benefits far outweigh CBDs side effects. It is that piece of the puzzle that we’ve been searching for…

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is grouped under the class of cannabinoids. CBD is only one of the several hundred thousand of such cannabinoids that one finds when they extract it from marijuana plant. CBD can be extracted from hemp seed plants as well. CBD is present in many different forms with 4 types prominently being; CBD oil, hemp-derived oil, marijuana-derived oil and Rick Simpson oil.

Will Using CBD Get Me “High”?

The feelings of utter delusion and intoxication are credited to a cannabinoid in marijuana called THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance. This is a far shot from CBD, which is a non-psychoactive substance. It creates none of the aforementioned side effects! You can take in CBD without an ounce of fear of you getting high!

There are different extracts of CBD available in the market and some have more percentage of THC than others. But as a thumb rule, in most CBD oil extracts the percentage is roughly below 0.3%. If you can get high because of this, then consider it as a miracle of god!

How Does CBD Work Its Magic?

The body of every mammalian consist of a Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system plays a vital role in regulating many important bodily functions. These functions include things like sleep and appetite among many others. The body produces many such “organic cannabinoids” that react with receptors in the system to produce desirable effects.

CBD works by interacting with the ECS system the same way as organic cannabinoids do. CBD latches onto two specific neuron receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. These are associated with regulating Serotonin. This is a “feel good” hormone that is secreted when something satisfactory happens, like you acing an examination after many all-nighters, or winning a race after countless months of practice. CBD interaction causes the serotonin secretion to increase, causing your body to relax and be much more “at peace”!

Pros Cons
Easy to use, and doesn’t get you high Absence of THC
It is anti-inflammatory Works differently for different people
It works for controlling anxiety CBD makes you sleepy in high doses

The Pros

  • Doesn’t Get You High.

As mentioned earlier, you won’t feel giddy or disoriented or will cause increased appetite and give you the “munchies”. When the right extract and dosage is used, it causes no impairment!

  • Organic CBD Is A Proven Treatment For Anxiety!

This dates back to the 2015 article of the medical journal, Neurotherapeutics, which says that CBD can be used to treat multiple anxiety disorders ranging from Social anxiety disorder (SAD) to Panic disorder as well. Use of CBD has enables people to calm down and even perform well in public speaking forums despite having stage fear! They ended up being more composed, confident and very much in control!

  • CBD Can Be Used As An Effective Anti-Inflammatory

Ailments such as joint pain and arthritis can cause uncontrolled inflammation. CBD has been shown to be effective against reducing and controlling the inflammation. It doesn’t just include arthritis but stretches to other issues such as vasculitis, allergies and acne as well!

  • CBD Oil Is Easy To Use

Many of the CBD products are odourless and packaged in a very easy to use fashion. They could be in the form of supplements, or gummy bears, edibles and extracts, or even fumed and smoked. It is highly flexible and you can discreetly consume your daily CBD dosage without making a mess!

The Cons Of CBD

  • There Isn’t THC In It

THC has its own set of benefits that it brings to the table. CBD doesn’t increase appetite and makes it pointless for those who want to increase their weight. THC can be useful for treating seizures, as CBD sometimes reacts with anti-seizure medication

  • CBD Works Differently For Different People!

The effect of the CBD on you is completely based on your body’s chemical makeup. The dosage is different for different people. Hence there will be trial and error done at your end, until you find the right dosage!

  • CBD May Cause Drowsiness!

If you’re used to taking CBD in higher dosage, then you may end up being drowsy. If you’re a first time user, then it is suggested that you try smaller doses and then gradually level up.