Extending The Shelf-Life Of CBD Products

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The CBD market has been able to reach the far corners of the globe, and there are many countries that are still reeling in from the sudden boom of the CBD scene. The rise has been nothing short of meteoric and within a short span of time CBD retails grew on street corners, CBD products lined shelves and CBD users started growing in numbers.

Of the many questions that are being asked about this rather new industry, ones regarding ways to extending the life of CBD products and of whether CBD goods have an expiry date, are commonly asked ones.  Let us decode the answers to these questions and help you become a well-informed consumer. Read on…

Extending The Life Of Your CBD Products

There are plenty of ways in which you can prolong the life of your CBD products. For starters, keeping the goods away from direct sunlight would be obvious. Some of the tips include:

  • CBD oxidizes and breaks down when acted upon by sunlight. This is the reason that CBD manufacturers have their CBD oils and tinctures in dark, tinted containers. This prevents sunlight from entering and lowering the potency of the CBD. So be sure to keep it in a dark place.
  • Make sure to keep it away from heat. It is true that CBD oil can be used in cooking, but it is an oil which has a low smoking point, and also breaks down when exposed to heat long enough. Therefore, do not keep it close to heat sources.
  • Keep the container upright and closed at all times. If the dropper is unclean, do not place it back in the bottle. Instead, clean the dropper with a clean cloth and return it into the container. Double-check to make sure that fiber from the cloth is not on the dropper when putting it back.

CBD And Its Expiry Date

Like everything in life, CBD too has an expiry tag attached to it. While it is debated on, the approximate shelf life of CBD products, for the most part, is around 12-24 months. If you are using a dropper’s worth of CBD oil on a day to day basis, then getting a bigger sized CBD oil volume would be considered wise. On the whole, there is sufficient time for you to use the CBD product without having to check the calendar every other time.

Bring in CBD into your lives and watch as it changes it for the most part!